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Q. What could this chair with the carved animal on the back be worth? It is likely 75 to 100 years old.
H.W.-Stoughton, MA

A. Your hall chair was probably made in the late 19th century in America, England or Germany. They were popular and had decorative carvings of various types. Similar chairs sell at auction for $600 and up.

Q. I purchased this chair from an old neighbor 25 years ago. I was amazed at the detailed carving but have no idea of age, place of origin and value. Any information appreciated.
M.J.- Wilmette, IL

A. At first glance your chair appears to be c. 1690-1730, English or American William and Mary style. However, a close hands-on appraisal might show it to be a c. 1870 American Renaissance Revival copy. Or, an even later version done around 1900-1910. To add to the confusion the feet resemble Flemish examples done in the late 19th century. If an authentic William and Mary the chair could sell at auction for $20,000 or more. The 19th century version, with such beautiful carving could fetch $2,000 or more at auction.

Q . I recently purchased this miniature “Toby Jug”, 3” high. Even though it has an anchor mark on the bottom I haven’t found any info. Can you help me find out if it is a reproduction or the value?
S.W. - Lincoln, NE

A. Your red anchor mark was used by Chelsea pottery, England 1751-1756. For a clue to the authenticity of your piece hold it up to the light. A faint crescent moon should appear. Show it to an English porcelain, specialist appraiser. If authentic it is a rarity and the price could be several thousand dollars. However, red anchor pieces continue to be faked.

Q. I recently inherited this lovely set of china with 12 complete place settings. It is marked “Rawo & Dotter, Elite Works, Images, France. Can you give me an idea of age and value?
S.D. - Wilmette, IL

A. Your set was made in the early 20th century by Elite Works on Limoges china blanks. In mint condition it could sell in a shop for over $1,500.

Q. Please give me your opinion on the value of this chest of drawers.
G.S.- Arnold , PA

A. Your chest of drawers appears to have been made around 1890-1900, possibly sold in a Sears Catalog at that time. A shop price could be $250-$300.

Q. This pottery bowl with raised apples and leaves has been in the family and may be 100 years old. It is 4” high. 7 1/4 “ diameter around the rim. It is stamped in green “Weller”. Any idea of value?
S.S. - Wilmette, IL

A. Since it’s founding by Samuel Weller, in 1872, near Zanesville, Ohio, the pottery produced dozens of lines using many techniques. Your bowl is the Alvin line, c.1928. It could sell at auction for $300 or more.

Q. This photo is one of two arm chairs that came from a waiting room of a dentist’s office. On the bottom is a red sticker that says “Rombach chair-furniture Co. Office & Showroom 539 Wabash bldg. Pittsburgh ,PA.” I would like to know the value.
C.C.- Vandergrift, PA

A. Your Windsor-style armchairs, made in the 1920s, 30s , could sell in a shop for $250 the pair.

Q. Can you help me figure out where this painting on brass came from and if it is worth anything. I bought it at an estate sale. Though it is signed I can’t make out the signature.
B.B.-Vernon Hills, IL

A. It is hard to tell much from your photo, including whether it is a transfer print on brass or an oil painting. Or, is it really on brass, or tin. Judging by the subject matter , with the two musical instruments and the style of the art, it could be Italian, 19th century. I suggest you get a professional hands-on appraisal.

Q. This creamer and sugar set is marked on the bottom “Rosenthal, Germany. Pompadour and a crown. Can you tell me what it could sell for in a shop?
R.D.R. -Morton Grove, IL

A. The marks on your set were used from 1907 to up to World War 11. The set could sell in a shop for $85 to $125. Shop prices vary with location.

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