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What Is It Worth?

By: Anne Gilbert


As seen in The Antique Shoppe Newspaper, January 2008

Q. I recently received a tier table that had belonged to a friend‘s grandmother. On the bottom it reads “made in Grand rapids Michigan”. It has claw feet. When was it made and what is it worth? C.M. - Kansas City, MO

A. Your tier table is a reproduction of an early Duncan Phyfe style table. It Was probably made in the 1920s, 30s. It could sell in a shop for around $200.

Q This reverse painting on glass was handed down in the family and given to my late mother. A dealer offered her $200 for it several years ago and said it was 18th century. Where is it from and what is it worth?  K.H. - Savannah, GA

A. The dealer apparently wasn’t very knowledgeable. Your reverse painting was one of the hundreds made in Europe in the late 19th century. Very popular at time but out of fashion these days. It could sell in a shop for $250 to $300.

Q. When I purchased this piece I was told it came from Wales and possibly was made of English walnut. Cross-cut saw marks are visible. Can you provide any information?  C.W. -Hattisburg, MS

A. I wish you had sent a better photo. From what I see you have a Welsh dresser, with barley-twist legs, probably oak, late 17th century. They were made of oak and pine and used in the service rooms of large homes. If it is an authentic piece it could sell in a shop for $10,000 or more. However, in the 1970s such pieces were very trendy, and reproduced. It would be worth spending the money to hire a professional appraiser.

Q. I received this table from my father. I saw a similar one at a sale with a piece of paper dating it 1869. Please tell me about it.  N.J.J. - LaCygne, KS

A. Your table was used to hold an oil or kerosene lamp and dates 1860s/70s. It could have a shop price of $200/300.

Q. I have had this leaded glass lamp for over forty years and bought it from an elderly lady who had it for a long time. The base is bronze. What is the value?  L.T.- Lincolnwood, IL

A. Your interesting Arts and Crafts (early 20th century) could sell at auction for $600/900 at auction. Check carefully for a signature on the shade or base as This could move the price up several thousand dollars.

Q. I am not sure if this ceramic piece is a vase or candleholder. It appears to be glazed porcelain , 4 ¾” tall, 5” across. On the bottom I can only make “Aus”. What can you tell me?  P.D. - Brackenridge, PA

A. It could be a bud vase or candle holder. It was made in Austria in the late 19th century and could sell in a shop for $50 to $75.

Q. I have had this Mason-Hamlin organ for 45 years. It no longer plays since the felt is gone from the hammers. I would like to know the value. C.M.- Lower Burrell, PA

A. Since it isn’t in working condition it could have a shop price of only a few hundred dollars.

Q. I found this brooch about 15 years ago in a small antique shop for $5.00. It had a broken clasp and I couldn’t make out any maker mark. The jeweler who fixed the clasp said I did very well for my $5.00. What do you think?  D. - Savannah, GA

A. Your rhinestone brooch dates to the 1940s. Similar ones were made by Trifari. Look for a crown above a T mark. I would probably sell in a shop for $50. You did well.

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