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Q. I have a Hull planter 10” x 7” with the orange peel texture on the outside. The outside is white with the butterfly design on the inside and little  pink and blue flowers. The bottom is marked “Hull USA” with a C inside a circle and two 1’s in the Hull name and 56-B7. Can you tell me anything about this?
R.B. -Kansas City, MO

A You should know that reproductions of most Hull pieces are being reproduced. That said, your piece, if authentic, was made in the 1930s and could sell in a shop for $80 or more.

Q. This pocket-book was brought from Japan some 70 years ago. The beige grained leather is embossed with scenes in bright colors. I was told  this type of work stopped being made in the 1940s. Does it have any monetary value?
M.M.-Staten Island, NY

A. A vintage clothing shop could price it at $125.

Q. This porcelain vase is over 100 years old with no markings. Any idea of origin or value?
S.J.- Harahan, LA

A. Your early 20th century American centerpiece bowl probably had a paper label and as a set included candle holders. Shop price could be $50.

Q. I think this is one of the first electric mantle clocks made by Seth  Thomas probably in the 1940s, since they were still making wind-up clocks in  the 30s. Information inside the back door includes: “Seth Thomas Clocks, Division of General Time Instruments Corp., Thomaston, Conn, USA. Model #E702-000. Westminister Chime Clock. #4808. Can you place a value on it?
B.L.-New Kensington, PA

A. Westminister Chime shelf clocks, such as yours, were made by the Seth Thomas Clock Company from around 1910 to the 1920s. Prices vary, some can be valued from $700 to over $3,000. Hire a professional clock appraiser.

Q. This is one of three chairs with a sticker reading “Nicholas & Stone  Co. of Gardner, Mass. Windsor chairs.” Are they of any value?
J.M.S. - Leechburg, PA

A. You have reproductions of the famous “Hitchcock” chair, originally made in 1825 and known as “painted fancy chairs.” Yours were made anywhere from the 1920s to the 40s. They could sell in a shop for $75 and up.

Q. I was given this decanter about 15 years ago. It is ceramic and marked with a Villeroy & Boch stamp and the word “Mettlach.” and the letters CC engraved on the bottom. The lid is pewter and ceramic and has raised scrolling figures and German-language writing all around. What is it worth? P.T.-Brackenridge, PA

A. Your stoneware jug is 19th century and could sell in a shop for $700 and up.

Q. This is one of two matching vases, ceramic, with copper Egyptian motifs bolted on to it. History and value please. Vase size is 4 1/2” x 11” high. T.J. - Chicago, IL

A. Your vase was made around 1885 , probably in America, in the popular Egyptian motif. This was when the Egyptian excavations began. It could sell in a shop for $700 and up. Have a professional appraiser evaluate it.

Q This Edison Phonograph and cabinet is in very good condition. It was made in 1927. I would like to know the value. Includes 89 records and information book.
J.M.M. - Cheswick, PA

A. It could sell in a shop for $800 or more.

Q. I am curious about this ceramic vase. On the bottom it is marked “Roseville USA. and has a raised pink flower and green leaf motif.
P.W. - Chicago, ILL

A. Roseville pottery prices have risen dramatically in the past couple of years. Your charming basket could sell in a shop for $150-200.

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