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What Is It Worth?

By: Anne Gilbert

As seen in The Antique Shoppe Newspaper, March 2007

Q. Going through my recently deceased grandmothers' home I came across a cache of what appear to be vintage cigarette posters printed by the Milan Bulovic Art Company of Chicago. They appear to be very old. I would like to find out their value. They are approximately 33" x 18".
A.B. - Northbrook, IL

A. Your posters were made to advertise JOB cigarette rolling papers. In 1838 a French craftsman, Jean Bardou, created the first booklet of rolling papers. His initials, separated by a diamond were referred to as JOB. In the 1890s the company hired Art Nouveau artist Alphonse Mucha to design their advertising posters. There are collectors of anything related to rolling papers as well as Art nouveau posters. Contact Swann Galleries, 104 East 25th St., New York, 10010. Email Reproductions could sell for $200/300 at auction. Authentic posters can sell for several thousand dollars.

Q. This is some sort of blanket with "made by J. Denholm, 1839" woven into it. How much could it be worth?
W.M. - Ford City, PA

A. Your jacquard coverlet could sell for $300 to $500 in a shop.

Q. This heavy glass celery dish feels like it is hand cut and is a pale green color. I think it is around 125 years old. Can you give a value?
M.E. -New Kensington, PA

A. If not a reproduction your celery dish could sell in a shop for $50.

Q. Can you tell me the value of this pine armoire? It has a removable top. The metal decorations appear to be copper or brass. It is rural. I bought it at a flea market for $100 in 1978. Did I pay too much?
E.L.-Skokie, IL

A. Lucky you. Your Arts & Crafts style armoire (1900-1918) could sell at auction for over a thousand dollars. Much more if you can find a maker's label. Send photo to John Toomey Gallery, 818 North Boulevard, Oak Park, IL. 60301. Their auctions specialize in 20th century items.

Q. I inherited this table lamp. It is 22" high. The shade is glass with an overlay of metal. No marks. It is very heavy. What can you tell me?
T.H. - New Kensington, PA

A. Your lamp appears to have a shade of slag glass with a bronzed metal overlay design. It was made in the first quarter of the 20th century. There were many makers of this style lamp. If the base and shade trim are bronze this adds to the value. Similar lamps sell at auction for $300/400.

Q. I have a table marked "Imperial" I would like to sell it. What should I ask?
M.C. -c/o The Antique Shoppe

A. Just seeing a dark, partial photo of a table, legs only, makes it impossible to evaluate it. I can tell you it was made around 1910, when the Imperial Furniture was making furniture in Grand Rapids, Mich.

Q. I bought this floor lamp at a used furniture store in 1988. Paid $100. It has three separate switches for three lights. It has a glass panel. What do you know about it? Value?
N.L.-Elmer, NJ

A. Your Arts and Crafts style floor lamp was made around 1910. Look for a label or makers mark that would up the price. As is it could sell at a John Toomey auction, in Oak Park, IL. For $900 or more.

Q. How valuable is this child's' chifferobe made in the 1930s? A label in a drawer reads "Stork Line Furniture Co." It is in good condition.
C.T. - Hillsborough, NJ

A. It could sell in an antique shop for $400 or more.

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