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What Is It Worth?

By: Anne Gilbert

As seen in The Antique Shoppe Newspaper, March 2009

Q. I inherited a large collection of butter pats. I would like to know more about Them, value and if there are any clubs or organizations I can contact.

J.S.- Phoenix, AZ


A. Contact Mary Dessoie, founder of the Butter Pat Patter Association. They also have an informative news letter. Write to her, % Butter Pat Patter Assoc., 7050 E. Keats Ave., No 178, Mesa, AZ, 85209-5025.


Q. I would like to know something about this leaded glass lamp shade with swan designs in a heart. The overall design is pastel flowers and there is a ruby red Border separating the middle part.

M.G. - Plymouth, MA


A. You didn’t mention a signature, that could make a vast difference in value. However, there were many makers of “Tiffany style” shades from 1910 to 1920. Currently, quality examples with no signature are fetching from $6,000 to over $8,000. Your fine shade is in that range.


Q. I inherited this small wood box. Can you tell me what it is and value?

G.H. - Weymouth, MA


A. You appear to have a late 19th century, stamp box, made in Italy. It could sell in a shop for $200 or more.


Q. This miniature painting is signed on the back “Henry Joy McCracken” and is of this member of United Irishmen (1767-1798), a group of radical patriots. He was tried for treason and hung. Whom can I contact?

J.- Kansas City, KS


A. You didn’t say if you wanted to donate it to a museum in Belfast or sell it. Since it would be of historical interest to collectors and museums my suggestion is to contact Portrait Miniature expert, Christie’s, 502 Park

Avenue, NY, 10022. It could bring an auction price in the high thousands.


Q. I would like to know if or any value on this porcelain vase. My mom says it is over 100 years old. There are no marks.

J.K. - Verona, PA


A. You appear to have a Japanese urn made in the 19th century. It is hand painted and could sell in a shop for $400.


Q. Thirty years ago I acquired this small ceramic planter(4 ½” wide x 4 ½” long x 4” high. Later I found the identical planter but larger. No signatures on either one. Both have windmills and ships. Identification and value appreciated.

R. M. D. - Waycross, GA


A. Your planter was made around 1907 by Weller Art pottery and in the “Dresden” line. They made many different design lines, Dresden featured Dutch motifs. Some pieces were unmarked. Others had paper labels , long gone. Your large planter could have a shop price of $150. The small one could sell for $74.


Q. I have a small bowl given to me years ago by a contractor in Italy who found it while excavating near the Rome Coliseum. I took it to the Museum of Fine Arts. A curator said it dates back to before Christ and could be valuable. How do I proceed to find out value and date?

J.B. - Quincy, MA


A. Begin by showing it to the curator of antiquities at the Boston Fine Arts Museum. They will authenticate but not evaluate. If they say it is a true Roman antiquity, contact Richard Keresey, Sotheby’s Antiquities expert

who will give you an estimated value. Send photo and copy of Boston Antiquities letter of authentication. Email: Richard Phone: 212-606-7266. Address: Sotheby’s, 1334 York Ave., New York, NY 10021.


Q. I found this pottery bowl at a garage sale this past October and loved the baby and mother elephant design. It is stamped “Dedham Pottery ‘ with a rabbit mark. It is crackled so I wondered if the $20 I paid was too much. It is about 5 ¼” dia.

B.C. - Glenview, IL


A. Dedham Pottery is known for the gray-crackle-glazed dinnerware it produced from 1896 to 1928. It is very popular with collectors. Your bowl could sell at auction for $700/900.


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