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What Is It Worth?

By: Anne Gilbert


As seen in The Antique Shoppe Newspaper, April 2008

Q. I bought this postcard that looks like a "Billiken" character by Florence Pretz. But, the word at the bottom says "Balligan". Is this a rip-off or variation or what? The postmark is 1910.  

D.L. - Topeka, KS


A. You have an authentic Billiken postcard. It is one of the sports series and is a Baseball Billiken, hence the name BALLigan. They sell for around $10 to $15 on Ebay. The Billiken figure was a popular symbol of good luck and Was made into jewelry, dolls, and postards from 1908 to around 1912.


Q. This table has been in my family for at least 76 years (my age) and probably dates from the early 19th century. The back folds down and the top swivels. Any idea of worth?  

R.H. - Riverwoods, IL


A. Your Empire style, c. 1820s-30s , game table could fetch $500 in a shop.


Q. I would like to find out as much information as possible and the value of what I believe is a Turkish prayer rug. It measures 40 x 56 inches. It is pretty good condition except for a portion of the edging. The sentimental value makes it priceless to us. 

T.G. - Mundelein, IL


A. Your prayer rug could sell for $3,000 or more at auction, even with the slight damage.


Q. This rocker has a metal name plate on the bottom, "Hunzinger Pat.88". What can it be worth?

M.B. F. - Skokie, IL


A. Your George Hunzinger, lollipop, platform rocker has sold at auction for $650.


Q. My husband got this iron Santa in sleigh and reindeer at auction. Can you tell me anything about it? D.S.- Kansas City, MO


A. Your cast-iron Santa, sleigh and reindeer was made in the late 19th century. If the paint is original and you could identify the maker as Hubley the auction price could be from $4,000 up, up. It would be wise to hire an appraiser this rarity.


Q. This bowl on a separate base and six matching cups with no handles came from the estate of an elderly aunt. It has a green mark that looks like a wreath and an "N" and "hand painted".

What was it used for and does it have any value? P.H. - Libertyville, IL


A. You have a berry set , made in Japan. The "N" stands for "Nippon" which also means Japan. It was made before 1921. It could sell in a shop for $125 or more.


Q . This vase marked "Roseville, U.S.A. belonged to my 93 year old mother-In-law. It is 18" high and has 41-18" and "B" and "11" in black ink. What can you tell me about it?  

S.C. - Leechburg, PA


A. Roseville pottery was incorporated in 1892. It bought several factories from 1885 till they closed in 1954. In 1918 the trademark for their art pottery line became "Roseville  U.S.A." However if the black mark is raised it was used from 1939 to 1953. The numbers represent the size in inches and the pattern number. From you photo your vase is the bush berry pattern. It could sell in a shop for over $500.


Q This clock was a wedding gift to my parents in 1907. Strikes at  ,  ,   and hour to Big Ben sound. Pendulum has mercury filled tubes stamped on back-"Ansonia, patented, NY, and with the letter A in a square within a square. What is the value? 

J.C.H. - Freeport, PA


A. Your American made, Ansonia, crystal regulator mantel clock could sell in a shop for $900 or more. This glass-cased style originated in France. Two small vials of mercury compensated for pendulum action, in the finest examples.

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