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What Is It Worth?

By: Anne Gilbert

As seen in The Antique Shoppe Newspaper, June 2009

Q. I know this Elizabeth Taylor White Diamond perfume bottle isn't old. But, is it a collectible and worth anything? It was my mother's and she told me the "diamonds and emeralds" are Swarovski crystals. It is 11"  tall. M.G. - Chicago, IL

A. Perfume and scent bottles, old and new, are very collectible. Beauty, rarity and unique designs add to the value. Many famous name perfumes had decorative figural tops that are an art form. Cartier's "Black Panther" with the animal form and Nina Ricci's "Lair Du Temps" with a Lalique bird figure are two examples. Even empty they can fetch hundreds to thousands of dollars. They were and are designed by famous artists including Salvador Dali. Yours could sell for $700 or more.

Q. This Pennsylvania Dutch candle box was purchased from an antique dealer in the early 1960s. The paint is original. Any information appreciated. J.S. -Friday Harbor, Washington

A. If the paint is truly original the candle box could sell at an Americana auction for $800 to $1,500. If it could be attributed to a known maker, such as Rufus Porter the price could go way up.

Q. Can you give me the age and value of my Dr. Pepper, celluloid advertising picture? It is signed "Porter" with an inscription that reads, "Dr. Pepper, King of Beverages TM." It is 12" x 16". D.C. - Mansfield, OH

A. It was an ad meant to hang in drug stores and pubs, made around 1908-1915. Similar items can sell at collectibles shows for $450 or more.

Q. I bought this beautiful ginger jar in a thrift shop for $1.00. On the bottom it says "Noritake/Nippon, hand painted". It has a small chip on the rim and no cover. Is it worth getting repaired? M.L. - Hanover, MA

A. From your photo I am inclined to think you have a small vase rather than a ginger jar, made in the first quarter of the 20th century. In that case the lid isn't missing. In good condition it could sell in a shop for $80 or more. It could cost more than that to repair it.

Q. I would like to have you identify this desk that I purchased at auction in pieces and put back together and refinished. What is the wood, the age , value? D.- Kansas City, MO

A. Your spinet desk was made in the mid 19th century. From your photo it is made of several types of wood. The writing flap is rosewood. Refinishing has improved the appearance, but the value is still less because the finish isn't original. Now it could sell in a shop for $250 or more.

Q. This tureen was given to me about 40 years ago. On the bottom is stamped 1869. other marks. E.C. - Lantana, FL

A. Your hunter's motif tureen was of nickel silver by The Meriden Britannia Co. around 1869. In good condition it could sell in a shop for $275 or more.

Q. We purchased what we thought was a triple pickle castor bur we can't find any information on it. We have never seen a triple one before. We don't think the blue cut glass cups are original. Information appreciated. C.L. - Orange, CA

A. Castor sets contained as many as six. Your holder is made of silverplated Britannia Metal around the 1860s. You need to check with a dealer to see if the glass jars are reproductions. If it was totally original the shop price could be $500.


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