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What Is It Worth?

By: Anne Gilbert


As seen in The Antique Shoppe Newspaper, July 2008

Q. I am having a hard time identifying this bed with this ornate headboard and dresser. Both pieces have been shellacked and the dresser has water marks and scratches. The foot board has broken pegs. The false graining on the bed has touches of gold. The pieces are similar but don’t match. What can you tell me about age, value, etc? M.W. - Fruitland, FL


A. Your bed is in the Renaissance Revival(Victorian) style, c.1870s. From the look of the drawer and the raised, applied, carved leaf pull the pieces don’t match. In fact the dresser is in the “cottage style”, around the same period. The carved, applied leaf on the headboard was an attempt to make the two pieces appear as a pair. The wonderful faux tortoise painting on the headboard and the carving were done by a quality furniture maker, as part of a suite. In good condition the bed alone could sell in a shop for over $7,000. The dresser for a couple of hundred dollars.


Q. This vase was buried in our family home in Highland Park. What can you tell me about it?

R.P. - Deerfield, IL


A. It appears to be Japanese judging by the motifs and since it is unglazed, it is some type of earthenware. You didn’t mention if there were any marks on the bottom, nor the height so I can’t readily date it. Judging

from the appearance and material it could be several hundred years old. You need a hands on professional appraiser.


Q. This table with the marble top has been in our family all of my 79 years. I would like to know the type of wood, age and value. R.D. - Rookwood Falls, MN


A. Your table is Victorian, made in the 1870s. From your photo the wood appears to have an ebony finish. I can’t tell what the wood under it is. Similar pieces can sell in shops for over $2,000.


Q. Can you give me some information about this pair of vases marked on The bottom “Royal Nippon” in a globe-shaped circle. The inside of the globe is marked ”Nishiki”. N.B. - Apollo, PA


A Many Japanese factories produced pottery and porcelain. The word “Nippon” is their word for Japan and came into use around 1921, when your vases were probably made. The pair could have a shop

price of $1,800 or more.


Q. My grandmother says this desk is over 100 years old. She is 95 and said she received it as a gift as a girl and it was old then. On a partial paper sticker on the bottom it says “The Corn-kill Company, Piqua, OG. What is the age and value? K.J. - Sarver, PA


A Your maple, “spinet” desk is a beauty. R.B. Kill opened a furniture manufacturing plant in Paqua, Ohio sometime around the mid 19th century. It could sell in a shop for $900/ 1,500.


Q. I would like your opinion on this “dumb water” table. It has a label, “Imperial” on ther undersside.

A.K. - Ocala, FL


A. Your two-tier tripod stand, referred to as a “dumb waiter” was originally made in England in the 18th century. Yours is a reproduction made in the 1920s by the Imperial Furniture Compan, Grand Rapids, Michigan. It could have a shop price of $300 or more.


Q Years ago I bought this World War 1 poster by Howard Chandler Christy. It reads “Fight or Buy Bonds”. What is it worth? 23” x 34 ½ “ It is mounted on laminated cardboard. G.F.- Orange Park, FL


A. There are many reproductions. If authentic, according to Art Facts Auction results, an auction price would be around $398.00


Q. I would like to know how old this 6 leg table is and any value. K.B. - Freeport, PAQ


A. From your photo your table is 19th century. Similar tables have sold in shops for $500 or more.


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