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What Is It Worth?

By: Anne Gilbert

As seen in The Antique Shoppe Newspaper, July 2010


Q. I have inherited this wicker chair. It has been in the family since I was a baby. It has a paper label reading “Karpen guaranteed furniture. Original and guaranteed Ford-Johnson fiber rush furniture”. How old is it and what is the resale value?  

M. - Ohio


A. Your fiber-rush rocker with the leather back was made around the 1920s, 30s. S. Karen & Bros. was founded in Chicago in 1880. From your photo your chair has condition issues with the worn finish. In good condition it could be priced at several hundred dollars. As is, $25 at a garage sale.


Q. I have a book titled “Dorothy Dix-Her Book”, second edition ,  Funk & Wagnells Publisher, 1927. There is a photo of her and her autograph. Some damage to the cover. Any value?



A. For those too young to know, Dorothy Dix(1861-1951) was the Ann Landers of her Day, writing advice columns and books. It was her pseudonym for Elizabeth Meriwether Gillner. She was widely known for her help with the mentally ill. Your book is rare, and even as a second edition, it could sell in a book store for $100 or more.


Q. These bottles were given to me by my uncle who said they were made to promote a presidential campaign of Tippecanoe. They have a raised, wood grain pattern and a canoe along with the words Tippe canoe and H. H. Warner Co. on the bottom is “Rochester, NY #4”. Can you give me any information and value?  

K.B. - New Windsor, MD


A. Your bitters bottle used the slogan for the hero of the battle of Tippecanoe, and the 41st President of the United States, John Tyler, 1841-1845. The bottle was made during that period. One of such bottles recently fetched $127 on Ebay .


Q. I am an avid collector of Guardian Service Cookware and am interested in the items that were given as “hostess gifts”. I would like to know how many items were made and any source.  S.S. - Herndon, PA


A. Your hammered aluminum cookware with glass covers was originally made by Century Metalcraft Corporation of Los Angeles from 1932 to 1965 when the plant burned down. You can find answers on the internet on “ Lists every piece ever made. 


Q. This dry sink has a lid and dovetails on the drawer that are handmade. How old is it and what is it worth?

F.Z.M. - Newmans Town, PA  


A. Your dry sink was made in the second half of the 19th century. It could sell in a shop for around $350 to $375. 


Q. I have many old dishes, mostly Havilland and Limoges, in good condition, that I have inherited. I am a senior citizen and would like to know how to go about disposing of them if they have any value. 

M.L. - Rexville, NY  


A. There are several ways to sell your dishes. First, you need to know their value and this requires hiring an appraiser who will charge you a fee. Another is to consign them to a local auction house, asking them first for an estimated value. The third approach is to donate them to a church rummage sale for a tax write off. Or, contact a reputable antique dealer and put them in the shop as a consignment.


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