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News Article

What Is It Worth?

By: Anne Gilbert


As seen in The Antique Shoppe Newspaper, August 2008

Q. I purchased this wooden cigar store Indian in an upstate New York antiques shop 20 years ago. Can you advise me on the value and where to send it? R.L.


A. The advertising symbol for retail tobacconist began with carved figures of  American Indians in the 1840s and continued until around 1900. Most were done by ship carvers, whose business of carving ship figureheads had disappeared by the end of the 19th century. However, they have been made by less-talented carvers ever since. The figure in your photo was probably new when you bought it. One clue is the lack of detailed carving on the hands, no fingers, just flat hands. Another clue: authentic old figures were carved from one piece of wood. When a raised arm was used it was made separately and attached at the shoulder with a screw. Also the facial features on your figure are flat, not raised and detailed. Currently copies of early figures are made in Thailand. Sell it at a local auction with a reserve of $500.00  


Q. Can you tell me the age of this pitcher marked Royal Winton? I rescued it from my neighbors trash. P.G. -Skokie, IL


A. The Royal Winton china company was originally known as Grimwade Brothers, founded in 1885. In 1928 as Royal Winton, they produced their first pattern "Marguerite". It was the beginning of a series of floral patterns known as "Chintz". Prices just keep going up for this popular collectible. I went through dozens of internet patterns and couldn't find the name of yours. It could sell in a shop for over $200. Do some research.  



Q. I am researching my family history and know my great grandfather E.J. Parlanti and his brother A. Parlanti both had foundries in London approximately in 1901-1930, Did either use a foundry mark? S.P. - UK


A. I found an example for E.J. Parlanti. On the National Submarine Memorial Monument in London, c.1922. It is signed E.J.Parlanti/Founder.


Q. Attached is a photo of a Larkin Soap Company dresser with mirror. Please advise of the value and any information. S.C.- Bellbrook, OH


A. The Larkin Soap Company founder, John Durant Larkin was an early American entrepreneur. His career began when he joined his brother-in-law Justus Weller, a soap maker as a partner in "Larkin & Weller Soap" in 1865. By 1890 as Larkin Soap Company he sold many items with soap premiums. One of the best examples is the Chatauqua desk. For a $10 order of soap the customer would receive the soap and the desk. In 1893, he set up a furniture factory in Buffalo to assemble pieces that were cut in Tennessee. They had paper labels, many have by now disappeared. They originally were marked L.S.C. Your dresser could sell in a shop for $1,500 or more.  



Q. I have a set of twelve of these green glasses, 4" high. I am curious to learn something about them and their value. They belonged to my late aunt who died in 1992 at age 91. J.R.C. - Cheswick, PA


A. Your glass set is known as "Depression glass" and was made during and after the Depression, from 1925 through the 1970s. Yours appears to be an etched design in the dogwood pattern, made in the 1930s. Your tumbler set could have a shop price of $700 or more.



Q. The enclosed photos show front and back of a set of six, 8 oz tumblers. On one side is a man's head and on the other it says "Wendell L.Wilkie Acceptance Speech Aug. 17, 1940, Elwood, Ind." What can you tell me? R.C. -Tarentum, PA


A. You have a set of Presidential election tumblers showing the candidate 1940 Republican candidate for President, Wendell Wilkie. The set could sell at a political item auction, such as Hakes Collectibles for $150.00



Q. I would like to know the age and value of these two small pottery pitchers that look like deer or moose. No marks on either. N.W. - Tarantum, PA


A. Your figural elk cream pitcher was made around 1885 by the Royal Bayreuth china Company in Bavaria. It came in various sizes. A shop price could be $75.00


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