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Q. Attached are photos of two antique Russian candlestick/lamps that my mother inherited. There is a brass cap on the bottom with a Russian inscription, large building and the date 1833. The shades are glass and each has two different portraits opposite and a lion holding a sword. They are not a matched set. Any information appreciated.
J.F.-Kansas City, KS

A. Crystal objects decorated with portraits of military leaders were popular in Russia from the 1820s-1840s and were made by the Imperial Glassworks and other glass houses. Your glass candleholders were made around that time. In perfect condition they could sell for over $500 each.

Q. I inherited a beautiful porcelain lined, silver water pitcher. The design on both sides seems to be an engraved rose. It has a matching tray. On the bottom it says “Barbour Silver Co. Quadruple silver.” Any idea of pitcher and tray value or History?
B.B.-Kansas City, KS

A. The Barbour Silver Plate Co., Hartford, CT. began making quality silver plate in 1892. Your beautiful set was made around that time and could sell in a Shop for around $300 or more.

Q. I have been collecting decorative tin pictures for a couple of years. Can you tell me what this fishing tin is worth?
D.M. - Lake Worth, FL

A. Tins with a sporting motif are popular and prices keep going up. If yours was by a well known illustrator and with a signature it would be worth top dollar. Since your has no signature it could sell at auction for $300 or more.

Q. Over the years we have collected many nice pieces of Art Deco and Art Nouveau furniture. All are in great condition. Do you have suggestions about where to sell them?
S.H. - Deerfield, IL

A. John Toomey auctions, 818 North Boulevard, Oak Park, IL is known for 20th Century item auctions. For Art Nouveau pieces you could contact William Doyle Galleries, 175 E, 87th St., New York, NY. 10128. Send quality photos.

Q. Could you tell me the value of this dining room set ? A tag under one of the Chairs says “Vaughan Furniture Co. Galax, VA”. It includes hutch, one Captains chair, sideboard, table, five chairs.
B.S. - Kittanning, PA

A. Your dining room set was made in the 1920s in the Jacobean style. Similar sets sell in shops for around $800/1,200.

Q. Enclosed a photo of a tea set marked “F.B.Rogers Silver Co.” There is a mark of a cross over a crown and 1883. It has lots of patina. Should I Clean it and with what? What is the value.
L.M.R. - Apollo, PA

A. Your silver or quadruple plated tea set was made between 1883 and 1886. Since it is silver plated great care is needed to keep from removing the silver. Is it patina or tarnished? In good condition a shop could tag it $150.

Q. This piece of furniture was given to me by my late aunt who said it was a “gentleman’s quarters”. It has the original finish. What can you tell me?
L.H. - Lower Burrell, PA

A. I haven’t heard the term “gentleman’s quarters” before, however it was meant to contain a man’s grooming items. It was made in the early 20th Century. Since it is an uncommon item it could sell at auction for $700 or more.

Q. This fork and spoon were given to me when I was born(1928). They are marked “Tiffany 391, Sterling silver and gold. I was told by a dealer that They were Japanese Style and made from 1900 to 1908, and could sell for $300 to $400 each at auction. What else can you tell me and how can I sell them?
V.C.M.G. - Sarver, PA

A. Fortunately for you the dealer was wrong. Your child’s spoon and fork is a Tiffany set known as “lap over edge”, regarded as the most innovative of Tiffany patterns. Each piece in a set had a different pattern. The rarest were the applied or inlaid ornaments. True they show a Japanese Influence. A standard machine-made sterling blank had handles and edges turned to the back. The more common pieces had etched designs and engravings. This technique was introduced in 1880.They weren’t made after 1904.In 1999 a lap over edge desert spoon, part of a set sold at a Christies Auction for $2,491. It would be much more today. Contact Christie’s, 502 Park Avenue, New York, NY, 10022. (513)546-1000. For research read, “Tiffany Silver Flatware” by William P. Hood, Jr. Published by the Antiques Collector’s Club.

Q. I have been told this open basket, 3-tier table was a sewing basket. The three legs are wooden and the baskets are metal. Any information will be helpful. I know it is at least 100-150 years old. The baskets have embossed designs.
J.L.-Kittansing, PA

A. The fact that the baskets are metal with an embossed design makes me think this piece was used in someway for food. It is difficult to tell what the design looks like from your small photo-that would be the clue to the country of origin. Could be from the middle east or India. Send me a better photo.

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