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Q. I have saved five Little Golden Books that belonged to my children. How can I find out their history and if they have any value?
D.S.- Chicago, IL.

A. Just about everything you ever wanted to know can be found in the just Published ďWarmanís Little Golden Books Identification and Price Guide, by Steve Santi, Krause Publications. If you canít find it in the book stores. Write to them at 700 East State Street, Iola, WI 54990-0001.

Q. Can you tell me anything about this jewelry box that was my grandmothers? It is marked J.B. in one corner of the bottom and is gilt.
D.B. - Kansas City, MO

A. From your photo your jewelry box is in the Art Nouveau style, made in the 1890s. It appears to be ceramic with a gilt finish. In good condition it could sell in a shop for $75 to $125.

Q. We had this piece of furniture refinished and it has six of the original handles and added the needed replicas. We were told it is a doctorís desk. It is 32 inches high and 31 inches wide. What is the value?
D.L. - Gladden, IO

A. Because of the small size the shallow drawers it looks more like a Dentistís cabinet. It could sell in a shop for $350 or more.

Q. This small figurine of a little girl is of metal and very heavy. It is thirteen inches tall and has a tinted surface of green and yellow. It must be brass or Bronze. It was given to us years ago by my wifeís late aunt who told us it was quite valuable. No markings. I would appreciate knowing age, origin and price.
T.E.R.- Wilmette, IL

A. From your photo you have a painted cold cast bronze figurine, probably Austrian, late 19th to early 20th century. It could sell at auction for over $350.

Q. This table lamp was given to us several years ago by an elderly lady . It has no markings and is quite heavy. Can you tell me anything about maker, age or value?
H.C. - Waterloo, Iowa

A. Unfortunately without a mark I canít tell who made your lamp. However lamps like yours were made in the Art Nouveau style from 1903 to around 1920 by many manufacturers around the country. Since you say it is very heavy the base and trim on the shade could be bronze, adding to the value. It could sell at auction for $600 or more.

Q. I was given this ceramic vase many years ago and told it was valuable. It is 10 inches high. No marks. Any information appreciated. It has an Oriental looking many, dog figure handles and is very colorful.
R.J.F. - Freeport, PA

A. Your Satsuma style vase was made in Japan anytime from 1926 to the present. The late 19th to early 20th century, with gilt trim, can sell for several thousand dollars. Your vase could sell in a shop for $200 to $300.

Q. I have always wondered about the origin of this 8-inch bowl. Family Legend has it that a great uncle traveled to China in the early 20th Century and brought it back. Iíve looked but never seen another like it.
N.S. - Evanston, IL

A. The fact that your beautiful Chinese Export porcelain bowl has phony Chinese characters on the bottom tells me it was probably made by the famous French porcelain faker Emile Samson in the late 19th century. Chinese export was never signed. However, Samson pieces are collectible in their own right though far less valuable than the originals. It could sell in a shop for around $800.

Q. Can you tell me something about my great auntís vase that I think is lead crystal? It is 9 Ĺ inches tall.
V.W. - Vandergrift, PA

A. Your vase with the engraved floral motifs dates around 1906. Earlier 19th century brilliant cut glass motifs were geometric. Since values are influenced by signatures check the piece by looking on the base or the rim of the base. It could be tagged for $250 or more in a shop.

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