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What Is It Worth?

By: Anne Gilbert


As seen in The Antique Shoppe Newspaper, December 2007

Q. This doll was given to my grandmother as a child. She has replaced hair and dress, repair on her thumb. She had moveable brown eyes and open mouth with teeth. She is marked L ½ Germany. “171” and stamped #6. She is about 28” tall. Any idea of age, maker and worth? B.G. - Natrona Hts., PA

A. Thanks to the “Official Price Guide To Dolls” by Denise Patten, I was able to identify your doll as being made by the J.D. Kestner firm, in Germany, around 1880-1900. In all original condition she could sell to a doll collector for $900-$1,200. Kestner dolls are very popular and eBay could be a way to sell her.

Q. I bought this marble top table at an estate sale. It has a wood carved figure of a dog on the bottom shelf. Any information appreciated. L.A. - New Kensington, PA

A. You have what is known as a rare, Victorian, carved walnut “Cincinnati DogTable”, c.1860. At a New Orleans auction in 1991 it fetched $880. Today itwould sell for a great deal more.

Q. We have owned the English baby carriage in the photo since 1963. It is a “Pedigree Conway, full-size baby buggy, in need of TLC. What is the value? G.S.S. - Northbrook, IL

A. It could bring $250 or more on eBay.

Q. This is a copy of my grandmother’s clock. It has “Westminster Chime” printed on the clock face. Any idea of age and value? D. - Savannah, GA

A. Your shelf clock, with an Art Deco look, was made in the 1920s. If you hadprovided me with more information I could have given you an exact date. It is known as “tambour” style and could sell in a shop for several hundred dollars.

Q. Could you let me know the value of this gold-filled tea set? M.K. - Grayslake, IL

A. While I was unable to identify the mark on the bottom of your pieces, it was probably made in Czechoslovakia, late 19th century, before 1891. If it had been made after that it would have had the country of origin named. Similar sets sell for $200 or more in shops.

Q. My husband recently retired and we are planning to downsize. Can you give me some idea of the date of this armchair and value? We have two of these with arms and two without. J.S. - Kansas City, MO

A. First, you have part of a set of dining room chairs. Your close-up photo of the underside showing construction reveals 20th century saw marks. However there are other clues that the photo doesn’t show, ie types of nails. The style is confusing, showing Sheraton influences. The Armchairs could sell in a shop for $150 or more, each.

Q. What is the value of this antique, child’s wicker rocker? It is in good condition. T.H. - Rural Valley, PA

A. Your chair, dating to the 1920s, 30s, could sell in a shop for $300 or more.

Q. There are eight pieces to this china tea set. On the back it is marked “Mielow. Made in Poland”. and on some pieces “Embassy china”. I was thinking of putting them in my yard sale, but decided to find out about them first. Any help appreciated. J.G. - Apollo, PA

A. Your tea set was made in the city of Mielow, south east Poland, after 1891. It is in the Victorian style. Similar tea sets have sold on eBay for $125.

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