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Q.    When I saw your column recently it seemed like the answer to a prayer. Perhaps, this vase from the far east that was given to our convent years ago could have some value and be sold to provide money for the maintenance of our elderly sisters? I will be grateful for any advice concerning value and disposal.
Sister C.B. - Staten Island, NY

A.    Your beautiful porcelain vase is Japanese, Satsuma(1868-1911) Meiji period. The fact that it has a signature on the bottom adds to the value. Take a better photo of the signature and send photos of vase, and signature. Since you an email, send to sachiko.hori@sotheby’ She is their specialist. From your information your vase could sell at auction for from $4,000 up.

Q.    I am interested in finding out the value of the statue (lamp) in the enclosed photos. It has the following signature scratched on the back of the base, “A Bachenini Ficonica”.     
S.M.W. -Chicago, IL

A.    Your monumental lamp-sculpture dates to the Art Nouveau period(1896-1914). The female sculpture is two color marble. The perfect place to sell it is the Red Baron Auction, 6450 Roswell Road, Atlanta, GA. 30328 or They deal with spectacular and large items. Your lamp could sell for over $20,000.

Q.    I recently inherited this oil painting, signed B. Lambert. It is a mountain scene. What is the value ?  
E.K.- Staten Island, NY

A.    Unfortunately the only information on your artist was an auction price, listing for B. Lambert, late 19th century, American. It was priced at $900.

Q.    Can you tell me anything about this pair of candleholders ? They are heavy, silver. Probably silver plate. They are marked “Oneida Community Ltd.   
M.H. - Kensington, PA

A.    Oneida silversmiths first made silverplate in 1902 and it was called Community plate, made in Sherrill, New York. In 1935 the company name was changed to Oneida, Ltd. It is now known as Oneida Silversmiths. They began their production of silverplated holloware in 1926. Your candleholders were made around 1935. They are heavy because they are weighted with cement. The pair could sell in a shop for $125.

Q.    This table was in my grandma’s boarding house and was purchase around 1918. Fully opened it is 117 1/2” long. I removed the black and yellow paint and restored it to the natural finish. What is the value ?
C.B.-Pittsburgh, PA

A.    Your oak table is in pretty rough condition from the photo. Even so it could sell at a yard sale for $200 or more.

Q.     I believe this vase is around 60 years old. It is 12 inch high. The flowers are raised. On the bottom is the word “Roseville”, U.S. A. 991-12. Is it rare ?  Can you tell me the approximate worth ?        
J.D.R.-Staten Island, NY  

A.    Roseville pottery is one of the hottest collectibles around. Your urn could sell for $375 to over $400 in a shop. Check out the prices on EBay.

Q.    I found this cloth lithograph of a baby in a wash bowl in my late grandmother’s trunk. It is 21 1/2” x 21 1/2”. Printed on the bottom, “Copyright 1804 by J. H. Titus. JCH Mahn Lith Co. , Polk bldg. New York. What is the value ?          
W.R.P. -Bound Brook, NJ

A.     Are you sure the date is 1804 ?  This type of textile art was popular in the late 19th century to around 1904. If it dates in that period the value would be around $250.

Q.    This old hall stand had stood in an Atchison, KS rooming house for decades. When we bought it in 1946 we clean and polished it. It has all original parts. Can you date and evaluate it ?          
B.L.D.-  Atchison, KS

A.    Your fanciful hall tree is in the Renaissance revival style, c.1870s.   It could sell in a shop for $1,500 or more.

Q.     I found an old hearth broom in my late grandmother’s basement. It has a decorative metal holder with green decorations. Any value ? Couple of   bristles missing.          
S.T. - Des Moines, Iowa

A.    Your 19th century hearth broom could sell in a shop for $75 or more.

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