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Q. I have inherited this doll marked "Alma", with clothes and wardrobe trunk. What can you tell me ? Her eyes roll back.
L.E. - Overland Park, KS

A. Your doll was made in Germany 1900-1901. Her head and arms are bisque. The original wardrobe adds to the value. She could sell at auction for $600/900

Q. I have recently inherited this table with leaves that my mother had since I was a child (I am 61). It has original case to hold the four leaves. A tag that came with it states it is a "Danbury" table. Can you date it and give me a value ?
D.L.- Glencoe, IL

A. Your Danbury dining table made in 1930s/40s in the Duncan Phyfe style could sell at auction for $900/1,200

Q. Can you direct me to someone who could evaluate this book ? "The Noble Science. John Leech in the Hunting Field" by Thomas Bodkin, Collins 14 St. James Place, London. Copyright 1948
P.D. -Skokie, IL

A. Contact the Chicago Rare Book Center. They will charge a fee of course. 56 W. Maple, Chicago. (312)988-7246

Q. Please let me know the value of a set of (6) lithographs dated: Copywrite 1890 drawn by Howard Pyle. Published by Scribner's Sons. Title: A Pastoral Without words No. 1
Y.E.C. - Bedminster, NJ

A. Howard Pyle(1853-1911) is known as the father of American illustration. His original oil and watercolor paintings go for thousands of dollars. As a lover of the great outdoors it was often a theme for his works. However he is best known for his historical subjects. He also wrote and illustrated many books. In good condition your set of lithographs could sell at auction for $900 or more. Swann's Gallery in New York sells similar items. 104 East 25th St., New York, NY 10010-2977

Q. Can you give me any information and value on this reclining rocker that has been in our family for many
years ?
G.R.-Lower Burrell, PA

A. Your platform rocker was made around 1880. It was one of the many inventions known at patent furniture and had a variety of styles. Yours could sell in a shop for $400 or more.

Q. This plate is marked "Nippon" and "hand painted". It took it to an antique shop two years ago. The dealer first told me it was worth $100. Then she looked up in another book and found one that looked like mine, valued at $2,800. It also has a gold symbol. It is 10" diameter. She told me to get it professionally appraised. What do you think ?
A.J. - Apollo, PA

A. The word "Nippon" means "Japan". In 1891 the McKinley Tariff Act stipulated all foreign goods had to be marked with country of Origin. Nippon was used by the Japanese. In 1921 goods had to be marked "Japan" Your gold symbol mark is one of 220 known marks. The gold beading and ornate gilt trim can easily make it worth over $1000. For an insurance appraiser you will have to contact an appraiser specializing in Oriental porcelain. I'm afraid you'll have to travel to the closest large city. The appraiser should be a member of one of the appraisal societies, ie. American Society of Appraisers. Look in the yellow pages. Or, let your insurance agent do the work.

Q. This is some form of a crock, with a blue crown design on the side. The bottom has three original holes. How old is it ? What is it used for ?
L.D.-Piscataway, NJ

A. Your stoneware item was made between 1870-1890. The fact that it has three holes in the bottom would mean drainage was needed for a plant. As a jardiniere it could sell at an Americana auction for $250 or more.

Q. This is a photo of an old, porcelain, fluted Japanese bowl with three curved feet, and marked "Made in Japan". The inside has figures of Japanese ladies and flowers. What can you tell me ?
L.G. - Apollo, PA

A. Your bowl is known as "Geisha Girl" porcelain and was mad between 1910 and the mid-1930s. There were many different patterns and makers. Your bowl could sell in shop for $45/60.

Q. Someone told me this fruit bowl is pink satin glass. It has a diamond design and 9" diameter. It was a gift to my mother and is 100 years old. I'm wondering about the value.
L.C. - Staten Island, NY

A. If your satin glass fruit bowl is actually Victorian and not a reproduction it could sell in a shop for around $150 or more.

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