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Q. I purchased this chair at a garage sale. The seller said it was English and since she used it as a nanny in England it was an English Nanny’s Chair. If so what would be a reasonable price to ask when selling it?
K. U.-Lower Burrell, PA (VALLEY NEWS)

A. Seller’s tales are always fascinating. Your photo shows a platform rocker, made in America 1878-80. It is an example of a patent chair, meaning the inventor took out a patent on it. These are very popular. A reasonable price would be $150.

Q . I am told this vanity/dressing table is 80 to over 100 years old. It has a stool that matches. No makers marks. I recently had it professionally refinished. Any value?
W. H. - Grayslake, IL

A. As lovely as it is, your piece was mass produced in the 1920s. Nonetheless, it and the stool could sell in a shop for $250 or more.

Q. What can you tell me about this old trunk ? Age, value.
R. L. D.- Kansas City, MO

A. Your trunk dates mid 19th century and probably traveled on stage coaches. Many of these trunks have survived. Yours could sell in a shop for $250.

Q. This French billiard room fixture is solid brass. What is it worth?
C. G. - Glencoe, IL

A. Your chandelier could sell at auction for over a $1,000. If you are considering selling it, contact Red Baron Auctions, 6450 Roswell Road, Atlanta, GA, 30328. They specialize in such things.

Q. What can you tell me about this old Atwater Kent radio and speaker and the value?
J. S. - Sewell, NJ

A.  Atwater Kent was one of the pioneer inventors of the radio. Your radio and speaker were made in the 1920s. Similar examples have sold in shops for $300.

Q This Walt Disney doll ”Dopey” on of the Seven of Snow White and the seven dwarfs was in my son’s room for many years. Still has the original tag on the wrist. What can it sell for?
P. M. - Evanston, IL

A. It could sell in a shop for $85-$100.

Q. My mother had this china sugars and creamer set. No markings. The leaf motif and the rims are raised and with gold trim. What is the value?
J. B. - Staten Island, NY

A. Your sugar containers (one for cubes) and creamer were made by one of the many German manufacturers in the late 19th century. The set could sell in a shop for $50/75.

Q. This vase is blue ceramic inside and out with a raised, white floral design. On the bottom is a mark, “KKS” and there is a stamp over it that I can’t quite make out. Looks partially like BAV. What can you tell me?
B. L. - Bairdford, PA

A. It appears to have been made in the late 19th century. The partial initials “BAV” could be Bavaria. Best advice is to let a dealer examine it hands-on.

Q. This ceramic item was bought at an auction years ago. On the bottom it is marked “McCoy USA” I would like to know something about it and the value.
L. S.-Pittsburgh, PA (For Valley News)

A. Ceramic items made by the J. W. McCoy pottery have become very popular with collectors. The Company was founded in Roseville, OH in 1899. Over the years they merged with other Companies. You appear to have a majolica cookie jar, Indian motif. It could sell in a shop for over $300.

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