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Q . This statue of a little girl, 13 3/4” high, was an anniversary gift to my parents n 1922. It is ceramic with a dull glaze. No country named on the bottom. There is an impressed mark on the base with wavy lines in a circle. A number 10404 is molded on the base. Can you provide any additional information?
J.O.C. - Skokie, IL

A. From your photo you may have a stoneware figure made by Royal Copenhagen, Denmark. If it was made after 1890 there should be a country of origin mark. Possibly it had a paper label originally. It  could be sold in the secondary collectibles market. Contact the Bradford Museum in Niles, IL to have it authenticated. To learn value you will have to hire a professional appraiser.

Q. I have a Lone Ranger wrist watch. Since I live in Pittsburgh where can I find the value?
K.R. - Pittsburgh, PA

A. Check the yellow pages for “appraisal Societies-personal property” Ask for a person to appraise collectibles.

Q. This porcelain candy dish had raised mythological figures on the cover and around the sides. It is Marked “N” in blue. It is approximately 60 years old. Information and value appreciated.
L. E. - Staten Island, NY

A. You have a Capo-D-Monte style porcelain candy dish. It could have been one of the many copies made in Hungary, Germany, France and Italy. Since there is no country of origin mark It was made before 1890. Similar pieces sell in shops for $200 or more.

Q. Can you evaluate and identify this oriental vase?
B.F. - Woodstown, NJ

A. Your Japanese porcelain vase with the Geisha and gilt trim is known as Satsuma. It was exported in great quantities to the U.S. in the 1920, 30s. Your vase could sell in a shop for over $100.

Q. We found this hand carved, wood figurine with applied flowers in my mother-in-laws home. It is 11 1/4” high. Does it have any value and can you give me any information?

S.I.C.- Cowansville, PA

A. Your Chinese wood carving of a praying woman with applied floral carving appears to be several hundred years old. Since it could be worth hundreds of dollars you should have it professionally appraised.

Q. This oak china cupboard folds up. Open it is 55” high x 26” wide and ll” deep. When folded it is about 6” thick. What can you tell me?

M. - Kittanning, PA

A. Your cupboard dates late 19th century is is known as “Patent furniture. Look for a patent mark. Novelty furniture was popular at this time. It could sell in a shop for $800 or more.

Q . Someone told me this iron object is a Betty lamp. It apparently hangs from a chain and was made to hold some kind of fluid. What can you tell me?
T.C. - Houston, TX

A. Your Betty lamp was used in frontier areas. It was made of many materials including iron, tin, copper and pottery. Bear or animal fat was used. A twisted rag served as a wick. Prices range from around $100 for iron to several hundred for pottery.

Q. This oil painting of poppies and pussy willows is signed K. Riemer and the date around 1887 or 88. Can you tell me the value?
A.S.- Natrona Heights, PA

A. I was unable to find any listings or information on your artist. As an amateur painter you painting could sell in a shop for $200.

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