February Issue 2008
Valentine's Day Artist....by Roy Nuhn
History records that a variety of cupboards were used in the kitchens of 19th century America. The story handed down for generations is that one of the smaller ones was the legendary jelly cupboard.

Cloisonné Prices Depend on Age and Design By: Anne Gilbert
As the April 14 Skinner Asian auction proved, big prices can come in small pieces. Just 4 inches high, a Ming period(1368-1644) Chinese vase zoomed past the estimated $500/700 to sell for $4,700. At the bottom end was a beautiful, late 19th century Japanese cloisonné vase that fetched $206. The colorful 4 ½” high vase had an estimate of $200/400.

It often can be heard when someone is describing an older or antique piece of furniture that it has “not a nail or screw in it” implying that is very old and hand built. But does that automatically make it a genuine antique or does it mean the describer just didn’t know where to look or the reason for looking?

Q. I bought this old chair at a public sale at an old, long closed, elementary School. They said it had been used by teachers. On the back a small metal plate reads “Massachusetts Chair Company.” Can you tell me the age and value?

Q. Fred  - I have a maple table and 6 chairs (one armchair) with a metal plaque (round) on bottom of each chair. It says "CUSHMAN A Genuine Cushman Colonial creation. Made in Bennington, Vt.". Carved in bottom of each chair is CUSHMAN 4-24. The chairs are put together with wooden pegs.

Clown Collectibles An Amusing Assortment For All....by Robert Reed
All the world loves a clown they say. And clown collectibles are pretty amusing and adorable too. Clown collectibles range from antique toys and classic cookie jars, to colorful head vases, novelty baking pans, and even postcards. Of course many of them also have a long-standing association with the circus world.

Fall Fair for Dunedin, Florida....by Carol J. Perry
Dunedin, FL. - It was a perfect day for the annual Fall Antiques Fair on Dunedin's picturesque Main Street. Skies were slightly overcast with a bit of a breeze, and the 70+ dealers and show-goers alike enjoyed what a local meteorologist said was a "cold front" (We are such sissies here in Florida! We think it's a cold front if the temperature plunges into the 70s!)

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