February Issue 2009 
Mechanical Valentines: Still Moving Memories
While basic valentines have been around for centuries, moving or mechanical valentines that actually did something were seen for a relatively short time. Today romantic greetings with moving parts have considerable appeal with collectors. Typically one of the leading categories sought in the field of valentines are mechanicals, along with black-related themes, advertising, Disney and cartoon characters, transportation, and three-dimensional.

Tips for Finding an Antiques Restoration Expert By: Anne Gilbert
There are plenty of ads offering to restore, repair or conserve antiques and fine art. The trick is to turn up the experienced craftsmen to do the job. Being realistic, not many men and women these days are willing to spend sometimes years to learn this craft.

Q. Please tell me something about these Windsor style chairs. They were painted and used as outdoor furniture when my mother-in-law acquired them in the 1940's. She refinished them and used them inside. The wood is hard - maybe maple. Do they have any value other than as used furniture?

A Look at Vintage Firearm Advertising
The Civil War era saw the dawn of wide scale advertising of major firearms, although certainly they were advertised well before that time. However it was that decade of the 1860s when production and public interest in firearms moved significantly in the same direction.

There are at least three categories of furniture that are so important to us in our daily activities that they have special names that describe a particular characteristic, function or purpose that go beyond simply specifying a style such as Queen Anne, Chippendale, Sheraton or Hepplewhite.

Q. I am interested in purchasing this glass flask with this charming painting on it. It is being sold at auction as a “Stiegel”, early American glass flask. I know There are many look-alike Stiegel pieces. It is reasonably priced. Should I buy it?

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