October Issue 2005

Halloween Postcards.....by Roy Nuhn
Just about every time the school bell rings it has meaning for collectors  as well as the nation's children. Treasures from the classroom reaching into both the 19th and 20th centuries are now sought by everyone from professional educators to those with just a school desk full feeling of nostalgia. The favorite back to school collectible for some are those Dick and Jane readers from the 1940s and 1950s.

A Quick Trip to Maitland.....by Carol J. Perry
On an out-of-town visit, even when there's only an hour or two to spare, those of us who love "antiquing" usually manage to find a way to seek out a mall or a show!  Accompanying our grandson to a weekend hockey tournament in Maitland, Florida offered such an opportunity. We visited the Orange Tree Antiques Mall there. It was apparent right away that the couple of hours we could fit between games wasn't going to be enough to do this place justice, but we gave it a good try.

Have you ever picked up a book about American 20th century furniture and marveled at the number of seemingly "non-furniture" items included in the pages? If you look around homes and estates originally furnished in the 1920s and 1930s you might see many of the same items stashed away in nooks and crannies. The same holds true for old movies. The next time you see a flick from the 1930s look at the backdrop. While it may the stylish streamline Art Deco of the period, more than likely it is filled with small, non-essential items like wall racks and magazine stands, smoking stands and sewing tables. Where did all of that stuff come from?

Q. This antique “corkscrew” candlestick is about 10 “ high with three fluted legs attached with a fastener to the 4” round metal base. It holds a 1” diameter candle. It was discarded at a rummage sale. I think it might have some value and would appreciate your comments.

Is Cameo Jewelry About To Make A Comeback?

There is nothing like a Museum Exhibit to spark interest in a collecting or potential fashion category. Such can be the result of the on-going exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York entitled “Cameo Appearances”. More and more often cameo jewelry is coming to auction at still reasonable prices. $150/200 for example. If they are considered miniature sculptures, it doesn’t matter if they are in fashion to be worn as jewelry. Many are mounted as a collection.

Q. I have an very dark set of pine family room furniture that came from a very expensive furniture store back in the late 1970's. I am tired of this dark look and want to refinish the set lighter. Is there any thing special I need to do with this set or do you think the dark color will come out when I strip the old finish off the set?

The Quest for Collectibles....by Ann Brandt
"It's a Pleasure to Search and a Joy to Find." That's the unofficial motto of The Questers, a non profit organization with chapters in 43 states and 2 Canadian provinces. Quester headquarters is located in a building that the Philadelphia Historical Commission has certified as "historically significant to the area."

The Beauty That Was Burmese Glass....by Robert Reed
It might be difficult to determine the fairest armchair of all in historical America. There were many styles with many origins. According to one expert writing many decades ago it could have been the Windsor armchair. Initially such chairs, with and without arms, were made in small villages in a certain region of England. However the American cousin of such chairs was, in the opinion of Harold Bond author of the distinguished Encyclopedia of Antiques, much more attractive.

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