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American Brilliant period bowl by Hawkes was $300

Old telephones of varying ages and styles were all updated and ready to work on today phone systems. Prices were mostly from $50 to $500.

The original “Skookum Dolls” were appleheads, made by Mary McAboy. This early one with papoose has a sticker on the base “Skookum February 1914.”

A neat display of 1950s style kitchen wares. Refrigerator sets were $55 and $65.

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News Article

Big, Beautiful Sunshine City Show

Stories & Photos by: Carol J. Perry

As seen in The Antique Shoppe Newspaper, March 2008 

St. Petersburg, FL: Dealers, promoters and show-goers all appeared to be very pleased by the most recent Sunshine City Show, held in the handsome art deco ballroom of the St. Petersburg Coliseum.


Always. well produced, well publicized and beautifully presented, the three-day show featured more than 100 dealers as well as some "Road Show" style appraisals conducted by experts on Saturday and Sunday.


The show opened on Friday evening, and many dealers reported brisk sales on some of their very choicest items. This show always features some lovely "high end" merchandise

and this one was no exception. A walk-through on Saturday morning yielded a nice variety of antiques and collectibles.


A graceful French clock in a case of lovely shaded green malachite was tagged $2000. Nearby was a small but gorgeous American brilliant period bowl by Hawkes at $300. A tall pair of stemmed goblets in green cut-to-clear glass, circa 1950, were $165 for the pair Fans of architectural salvage appreciated a pair of antique doors with traces of blue paint; a handsome addition to someone's country decor for $465. A repro "Punch and Judy" mechanical., metal bank was $65. A set of antique doll furniture was attractively displayed as a group of wall hangings. The pieces were of faux bamboo and consisted of

bureaus, wardrobes and cabinets, most with mirrors. They were priced from $295 to $395 each.


A very old "Skookum Doll" had its original label on the wooden bottom marked Skookum February 19. 1914. It was an applehead doll with a papoose on her back. Those first applehead Skookums were made by Mary McAboy. It was $475. A Van Briggle butterfly vase, artist signed, was $95 and

a simple blue Abington Pottery bowl was $39. A Roseville Snowberry vase was $180.


Costume jewelry was selling briskly at several booths. A delicate Hattie Carnegie necklace and earrings set was $129, and a very contemporary looking Schaiparelli Necklace and earrings set of crystal beads, pearls and rondelles was $195. A vintage Art Nouveau compact by Stratton was reasonable at

$64 A selection of Lea Stein pins in various colorful animal shapes were $125 each.

A pair of Stangle birds from the canary series were $175 for a canary with a red flower and $150 for a canary with a blue flower. A small but beautiful Lalique panda bear was $225. A collection; of Victorian "fairings" made an attractive display. These small china figures given as prizes at fairs during the later half of the 19th century, priced at around $200 each.


An interesting textile item was a piece of fabric featuring a Thomas Nast illustration. It was marked "Oriental Print Works" and was $295. A generous length of 1950s patterned barkcloth was $35, and a barkcloth sofa pillow was $22. Some charming vintage christening dresses made a pretty display. A long, hand embroidered dress from England with delicate crocheted bonnet was $225, and a beautiful little dress of Italian lace had unusual provenance in the form of a photo of the original wearer of the dress who is now in her 90s. This dress was $450. Lace trimmed handkerchiefs, fit for a bride were in the $15 - $30 range. Other handkerchiefs included colorful signed examples from the 1940s-1950s

including designs by Tammia Keefe, Peggy Tomas and Pa Prichard. These were mostly in the $10 to $30 range.


A vintage Hermes jacket was still glamorous at $395. A sparkling silver mesh halter was $100. A 1960s oblong Lucite handbag was $35.


An unusual Sascha Brastoffatte finish figure of a stylized bull was $120. An ivory carved figure of a fisherman was $225. A polar bear from Bell Pottery, California was $75 and A cute 1950s Rosenthal penguin was $100.


Not everything at this elegant show was expensive though. For a bit of nostalgia, one could purchase a repro Heinz pickle pin for just $1.00!


The Sunshine City shows are held at the Coliseum twice a year. For information on the next show, call 727-823-4130




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