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What Is It Worth?

By: Anne Gilbert

As seen in The Antique Shoppe Newspaper, May 2007

Q. We have a dining room set manufactured by St. John Table Co. of Cadillac Michigan. I assume this set of table, 4 chairs, server and china cabinet were made. After 1929 since there is a New York Furniture stamp from 1929 on the underside. Any estimate of the value of the set? H. K. - Hillsborough, NJ

A. Sets similar to yours made in 1929 have sold at auction for $900 or more.

Q. We would like to know about this side chair. It may have been acquired in or near Canton, Ohio. We would like to know about the style. N.R.O. - Pomeroy, OH

A. Your hall chair is probably English in the Arts and Crafts style, early 20th century. Could sell at an auction house, such as John Toomey Gallery in Oak Park, Ill. Who specialize in 20th century items for $300 or more.

Q. Can you tell me anything about this 5-piece children's porcelain wash bowl set marked "Limoges". J. S.- Greenbrook, NJ

A. Your 19th century wash bowl set would interest one of the many collectors of children's toy items. It could sell in a shop for around $300.

Q. Can you shed any light on this still life painting signed Irene Stry and possible value? M.M. - New Kensington, PA

A. Irene Stry worked in the 1930s and was listed in Who's Who of American Artists during that period. She sometimes signed her paintings 'Claire'. Her paintings sell at auction from $450 to $700.

Q. I would like to sell this stove. It has 6 mica windows and is nickel plated. It had been professionally restored when we bought it. Printing on it says "Abram Cox Stove, Philadelphia Bright Novelty". Can you evaluate it? R.L. - Torino, Italy

A. Your antique parlor stove made by one of America's premier makers in the 19th century could sell for several thousand dollars at auction in original condition. Restored the auction selling price would more likely be $500 to $900.

Q. What is this Biltrite doll carriage, made in the 1960s worth? L.C. P. -New York, NY

A. Prices vary and depend on where the buggy is sold. On Ebay they sell from $150 to $250.

Q. This water bowl set (pitcher and bowl) belonged to my husband's grandmother. On the bottom it is marked "Royal Ironstone China" and it looks like "A.J Wilkinson" it has a green floral design. Do you have any information on this set? L.S. - Apollo, PA

A. A. J. Wilkinson was one of the Staffordshire potters working in Burslem, England, Staffordshire district. His firm operated from 1848 to 1937. Your washbowl set could sell in a shop for around $200.

Q. I inherited this hand made European cabinet. It was built by a German carpenter about 1890 of oak and rosewood inlays. Can you give me an idea of auction value and where to send it? FL. -Naples, FL

A. Your beautiful cabinet is one-of-a-kind and is difficult to put a price on and should be examined by a professional appraiser. Similar late 19th Century items can sell at auction for $3,000 and up. Send photos and Information to Americana Furniture Expert, Skinner Galleries, The Heritage On The Garden, 63 Park Plaza, Boston, MA 02116 or email

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