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A  Schoenhut Clown was $95.

1950s Vintage Ginny Dolls, most wearing original clothes, shoes & hats were priced from $95 to $450.

Cute "Campbell Kids" dolls were marked $650 for the pair.

News Article

Small Dolls Rule at Florida  Show

Stories & Photos by: Carol Perry

As seen in The Antique Shoppe Newspaper, April 2007

The Doll and Bear Show and Sale was presented in Largo at the Honeywell Minnreg Building, featuring dolls, bears, miniatures and doll-related collectibles. The large hall, a venue popular with show promoters of late, was filled with colorful displays. The one-day show was, as usual, well attended. Many of the dealers are "regulars" at the events, and show-goers have become accustomed to finding them at their usual spots in the hall.

A walk-through of the show revealed enough variety to please most collectors. Bears were in evidence, both the antique and the modern variety. Designer porcelain dolls with their sweet faces and exquisite clothes drew the usual fans. But it seemed that "small dolls" were the best represented category. Madam Alexander dolls have always been popular with both children and collectors. A number of dealers displayed examples of Mme. Alexander 8” dolls. Introduced in 1953, these were called Alexander-Kins. These dolls are still in production and have undergone many transitions over the years. Some Mme. Alexander small dolls were dressed in costumes of various countries. A bent-knee version dressed in the native dress of India was $35. A similar doll, in Israel native dress was $45. An older small Madame Alexander "Wendy" doll was $75.

In 1951 the Vogue Doll Company introduced a small doll they called "Ginny." Over the years the Ginny doll has changed construction and the company itself has changed hands Several times.

Ginny dolls, both the new variety and vintage models dating back to the 1950s were displayed at the Florida show. A 1950s Cowgirl Ginny with all original costume was $95. A 1953, "Margie” Ginny in all original clothes including the original hang tag was $425. Several 1955 Ginnys in assorted cute outfits were all tagged in the $225 to $250 range. There were quite a few new vogue "Mini Ginnys" at $30 and $40 each. Several dealers had brought along some unusual Vogue "Toddles” dolls in different outfits. A Vogue Toddles "Hansel" doll was $150. Another of the Toddles series, a 1948 "Victory Gardener" was $250. A "BO Peep" Toddles was $225. Some limited edition “Paulinettes" with their sweet porcelain features and lovely costumes were $85 each. An interesting small doll was a miniature "Buffy" with her own little “Mrs. Beasley" doll, complete with wire-rimmed glasses, was $185. Attracting attention was a complete Winnie the Pooh "Pocket Series" of dolls by R. John Wright. It was marked $2200 for the set.

An unusual figure was a milliner's model doll with peg hairdo. She was $245. Some early 20th century Schoenhut circus figures included a small clown at $95 and an amusing blue elephant at $125. A Nora Wellings Sailor doll was $45. An Effanbee little boy doll on an “irish Male” riding toy complete with dog was $690. A smiling pair of "Campbell Kids" dolls was marked $650 for the two.

The Doll and Bear Shows take place here twice a year. For more information show-goers and dealers can call 727-347-7556




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