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Oh! Those Sunbonnet Babies

One by one, out of the ink bottle pop the little darlings spawned by artist Bertha Corbett's imagination. Then off they march to rendezvous with mirth and adventure. Such is the scene depicted in one of the many black-and-white line drawings in Corbett's first book, The Sunbonnet Babies, published over a century ago, in 1900.

Early Storage Space Limited to Chests
For hundreds of years chests were the only storage space available. The closets we take for granted didn't come into use till the late 19th century. American Pilgrims had to make do with a variety of chests to store everything from blankets and linens to china and silver. When they come to auction these days they are labeled for their specific purpose.

Q. According to our family history this beautiful side chair belonged to our great grandmother and sat in her parlor. That would have been sometime in the mid 19th century. It was supposedly brought from England when she came to America around 1860. It now belongs to me. It is in perfect condition and a friend told me it is made of paper-maché with a lacquer finish. It has mother-of-pearl inlays. On the bottom is a worn stamp that looks line "Jennens and Bettridge". What can you tell me about it and what could it be worth.

Displaying our Patriotic Symbols a Lesson in History
It's been a tradition during times of war for Americans to create decorative objects with patriotic motifs. Decorating, wearing and collecting symbols of patriotism has been a tradition since the years following the American Revolution. From simple toys with flags and Uncle Sam to blankets, quilts and hooked rugs depicting the stars and stripes.

Q. Mr. Taylor, I was wondering about a table I have. This came from my neighbor's house and I know it's at least 50 years old. It's very sturdy and heavy it doesn't wobble or anything when you bump it. The only markings I can see are on the bottom of it's one drawer, but that looks to be the manufactures markings.

Uncle Sam
For just shy of two hundred years, Uncle Sam has symbolized American freedom, ideology, determination, and strength. His image is known around the world, and at home he has led his nation through times of despair. Through the winters, springs, summers, and falls of all the discontents that American has endured, Uncle Sam has stood tall, never bending to the ill winds at war or the injustices of tyranny. When the going got tough, Uncle Sam got America going!

The World of Globes
If you ask a world traveler how many countries they have visited, he or she may not know for sure. However, the person may show you a globe and point out where he or she has been. Globes have been around a very long time. In fact, it is reported that Strabo, who lived from 63 BCE to 24 CE wrote that Crates of Mallos had a globe that was 10 feet in diameter.

Doll & Cie's Steam Toys
John Sondheim and tinsmith Peter Doll founded Boll & Cie in Nümburg, Germany in 1898. During the company's early years, Doll & Cie primarily manufactured toy steam engines and accessories, distributing them in Europe and the United States.

How Are These Famous People Related?
What do Napoleon Bonapart and Charlie Chaplin have in common? How about Marilyn Monroe, Winston Churchill, John Lennon, and the Rolling Stones? Think about it for a moment. What could all these famous people from history, the movies, and music have in common?

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